Monthly Archives: November 2008

Fiction and Non-Fiction and the Sami Rohr Prize Winners

Posted by Naomi Firestone
Dan Friedman’s musings on the first two Sami Rohr Prize Winners…continue reading here.


Move Over Europe…

Posted by Naomi Firestone
Over the past several years, the Jewish Book Council has received an influx of titles concerning the plight of Jews outside the boundaries of Europe.  Continue reading here.

Jews Rock!

Posted by Naomi Firestone

This November brings us a glimpse into our musical past. Thanks to Roger Bennett, Josh Kun, and Janet Macoska, we now have two new titles to enhance our image of Jews on the music scene. Continue reading here.

People of the (Comic) Book

Posted by Naomi Firestone
Our Summer and Fall issue of Jewish Book World featured a piece on the history of Jewish graphic novels and comics books. Continue reading here.

Avant-Garde Zionism

Posted by Naomi Firestone

For all of your avant-garde Zionist needs, we’d like to introduce you to a new
publisher, Miriam Books, that’s dedicated to fostering Zionism as an avant-garde force for artistic and intellectual progress in the 21st Century. Continue reading here.

Calling Jewish Women Everywhere

Posted by Naomi Firestone

Over the past year we’ve come across some great titles to enhance your collection of resources for Jewish women. A few goodies that stand out…continue reading here.

Sneak peek…

Posted by Naomi Firestone
The Winter issue of Jewish Book World is in the mail! To celebrate, we thought we’d share a sneak peek of the issue with an excerpt from Jewish Book World‘s interview with Danit Brown, author of Ask for a Convertible. Continue reading here.