More on Rebecca Rubin

Posted by Naomi Firestone

We’ve been waiting years for the Jewish equivalent of Samantha, Kirsten, Felicity, Molly, Nellie, and Addie, and we finally have it: Rebecca Rubin. PHEWWWWW.

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5 responses to “More on Rebecca Rubin

  1. OMG! OMG! My name is Rebecca Robin and i look almost EXACTLY like her. I am also Jewish! And I also want to be an actress!!!!! I cant believe it! If the make a movie of it I want to be her!!!!!!

  2. wow my name is rebecca but my last name isnt even close to rubin. im jewish and when i went to public school i made christmas decorations too. now i go to an all jewish school and we only talk about christian and jewish people’s diffrent oppinions. i transfered in 3rd grade and now im moving on into 6th grade. me and rebecca tubin have something in common we kinda had the same life-style. only when she was alive in 1914 it must have been harder for her then me.

  3. I am not Jewish but I enjoy reading about Rebecca Rubin. I have not read all of the books though. I already have a American Girl doll but would like Rebecca. I will ask for her on my eleventh birthday in three months.

  4. Ellen Falkner

    My name is not Rebecca either, but I actually do look exactly like her: brown curly long hair and green eyes. Plus I am really spirited, smart and spunky. Me and Rebecca have alot in common since we are both Jewish, too. I have read all of the American Girl books and seen the couple of movies out there, but I keep waiting for the Rebecca movie to come out. I have the Rebecca series and I own a Rebecca doll.

  5. Ellen Falkner

    Above comments are by Gahl , age 8

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