Mitch Albom speaks at 92nd St. Y

Posted by Libi Adler

Last week, I had the pleasure of hearing Mitch Albom speak at the 92nd Street Y as part of their lecture series.  Continue reading here.


One response to “Mitch Albom speaks at 92nd St. Y

  1. If you’ve read Mitch Albom’s new book, HAVE A LITTLE FAITH, you are familiar with Pastor Henry Covington, one of the two spiritual leaders profiled in his book. Henry’s church in Detroit is in need of repair. A gaping hole in the roof needs to be patched before the cruelness of a Michigan winter sets in.

    Mitch’s A HOLE… IN THE ROOF FOUNDATION has started the SHINGLE BELLS CAMPAIGN. Though a partial portion of the donations have come in to fix the roof, $20,000 is still needed to finish the job. Any money over and above the necessary donations to fix the Pilgrim Church will go toward repairing other houses of worship that are in need of funds.

    For more information on this great cause, as well as a link to the donation page, please visit:

    PASS THIS MESSAGE ON TO ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!!! And let’s help Pastor Covington raise the funds he needs before year’s end!

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