Joel Chasnoff: Judging a Book by its Cover

Joel Chasnoff, author of The 188th Crybaby Brigade: A Skinny Jewish Kid from Chicago Fights Hezbollah: A Memoir , is guest-blogging all week for MyJewishLearning and the Jewish Book Council.
If writing a book is like giving birth, then receiving the PDF of the jacket cover is like seeing the first ultrasound: finally, it hits you that this creature is for real. Continue reading here.

3 responses to “Joel Chasnoff: Judging a Book by its Cover

  1. Chasnoff,

    Good for you for sticking to your (machine) guns when it came to your baby’s cover. A cover makes ALL the difference and I totally understand your desire for a not-too-Jewy image.
    Had the same intent for my first book… wanted an image that was joyous, colorful, accessible to non-Jews, yet an image that Jews would identify as Jewish w/o it being Chasids dancing with the Torah or a needlepointed Jerusalem skyline.
    I found the artwork and the publisher designed a beautiful cover around it. So lightning sometimes does strike twice. This Jewish Life is being reissued later in the year. Different publisher, same cover.
    I look forward to reading your book.

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