Wild West Bank

In his last posts, Assaf Gavron wrote about moonlighting as an Israeli mover in NYC and about Israeli fast food. His most recent book, Almost Dead, is now available. He’s blogging all week for the Jewish Book Council and MyJewishLearning’s Author Blog series.
The Jewish settlers in the West Bank have fascinated me for many years, and especially those living in the illegal outposts – a few mobile homes on remote hills with no running water or electricity, who are in a constant cat-and-mouse chase with the authorities. Continue reading here.


5 responses to “Wild West Bank

  1. Thanks for this post. It is nice to read something that goes beyond the obvious black & white, simplistic articles about the folks who choose to live in these areas.

  2. Hope you get to Esh-Kodesh, Keida, Adei-Ad and the other satellite communities (my term for the outposts) in the Shiloh Bloc.

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