Jewish Book Carnival!

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter
This month’s Jewish Book Carnival was hosted by AJL’s People of the Books Blog. Continue reading here.


2 responses to “Jewish Book Carnival!

  1. Dear Sir/Madam:

    Via online research as well as by the outstanding reputation of your blog, I learned of the possibility of contacting you. Last 27th of July my new book “The Prophecy of the Shalforen: Hangman’s Hole” was published. From my research on your web site, I believe there would be a good fit between my book and the interests of your public, therefore I would be honoured if you could review “The prophecy of the Shalforen.”

    As a student, I am in my terminal year of Law & Management, specializing in International Law. As a writer and short film director, I have written several children’s stories, scripts and a play, being “The Prophecy of the Shalforen: Hangman’s Hole” my first published book and part of a larger future collection. This unique book is aimed to a YA and adult public (+12) as proven by the summary I take the liberty of sending you.

    Convinced my book would be a great option for your YA and adult public,I can guarantee it is a winning horse, as it is part of a larger future collection.
    Any comments you may have on the book are very welcome, of course.

    Thank you very much for your time and for being so kind.

    I look forward to your reply,



    Ps: Please feel free to send any comments you may have on the book.

    I really hope you enjoy it!

    More information at:

    “The prophecy of the Shalforen: Hangman’s Hole” SUMMARY

    a) In a child or young adult’s eyes: The book an adventure book about a girl, Anna, who keeps seeing the terrifying figure of a hangman that will lead her into a series of mysterious situations. The adventure is full of laughter, heart pounding moments and a thrilling adventure in each and every page of the book as the reader gets absorbed in the identity of the mysterious hangman. You will burst with laughter at the Jo-Joe, Alex and Dick’s jokes and pranks, as well as being hooked on the Spencerford’s eccentric moments.

    b) As an young adult/adult: as you read through the book, you will realize that the book is all about death and illness, it analyses how different people have different reactions to these matters in life as well as many others. What feelings people have when they loose someone, depending on their age, character, personality, etc. And especially how we react to these things when we are young.

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