5 responses to “Twitter Book Club: The Invisible Bridge

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  2. This is truly a remarkable book. The sense of place is astonishing. I am wearing out my “next page” Kindle buttons roaring through it, and I can’t wait to write a review of it (hint) and put it on the schedule of a local Jewish Book Discussion Group in Naples, Florida.

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  5. Greetings, I would like to suggest my novel for your organization. It can be found on Amazon in both book form and Kindle:

    50 year old Steven Goldman waits for Todd Holloway, a 15 year-old student, to leave school one day and then beats him up in front of all his friends. Afterwards he calmly goes home to have dinner with his family and waits for the police to arrest him. The key to Steven’s seemingly reprehensible behavior becomes apparent through a series of flashbacks to his childhood, when in 1963, he moved with his family from a bleak Canadian landscape to the fabled city of Los Angeles.

    Two stories are told simultaneously,

    Present: As Steven is processed through the justice system for assault, he is urged by both the police and his wife to explain his actions before his court date arrives.

    1963: As a 12 year-old Steven becomes the target of a gang of bullies when he and his family move to Los Angeles. With his bar mitzvah approaching, Steven is compelled to explore what it means to become a man in terms of both his family’s standards and his peers. Often, one is in conflict with the other.

    The elder Steven finds that history is threatening to repeat itself unless he can sift through his brutal past to find a way to change the outcome of his current dilemma. It also forces Steven to question whether he has become the man he envisioned himself to be all those years ago.

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