Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

  • Jewcy has a new website! What do you think?
  • We’re also working on a new website, but need YOUR help. Answer a few questions on this survey (promise…it’s super easy) and you may win a free grab bag of books from the JBC (one responder will be chosen at random to receive the package).
  • I was thrilled to learn about The Paris Review‘s newly public Interviews section and had planned on writing a blog post about it this morning…but Jewish Literary Review beat me to it! Check it out here.
  • Writers: Wanna go to Israel? For free? StandWithUs is running a writing contest and the winner will be awarded a round-trip flight to Israel. More here from Erika Dreifus.

One response to “News!

  1. He, he. Next time, Naomi.

    And, thanks for the mention.

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