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My Tribe

Earlier this week, Efrat Libfroind wrote about cooking and self-improvement and  being a mother, a full-time pastry chef, and the only kosher cooking student in class. Her new cookbook, Kosher Elegance, is now available.

At times, Israel can feel like a very divided country. It is as if we Israelis all belong to our specific tribe and never come into contact with the others tribes unless forced to.  Continue reading here.

Cooking and Self-Improvement

Earlier, Efrat Libfroind wrote about being a mother and  a full-time pastry chef and the only kosher cooking student in class. Her new cookbook, Kosher Elegance, is now available.

Part of my business is providing continuing education courses to Israeli public school teachers. In Israel, these courses have a bit more of a “sabbatical year” feel to them, so fun topics like cooking and pastry baking are acceptable choices.  Continue reading here.

The Kosher Student

Yesterday, Efrat Libfroind wrote about being a mother and being a full-time pastry chef. Her new cookbook, Kosher Elegance, is now available.

I’ll never forget the first time I entered the lecture hall at the most famous cooking school in the world. Even though I was already the mother of 3 children, I felt like a little girl on my first day of school. Continue reading here.

The Greatest Yiddish Literature Party Ever…now has a flyer

Posted by Dani Crickman

View it here.

Recipe: Ganache, and Kids

Efrat Libfroind is the author of Kosher Elegance. She will be posting all week for the Jewish Book Council and MyJewishLearning‘s Jewish Authors Blog.

Being a full-time mom and also a full time professional chef and pastry chef is well…extraordinary. I have 6 kids and I have built an active business which focuses on teaching cooking, baking and now…a cookbook. Continue reading here.