Jewish Books: The Building Blocks of Jewish Life

[Remarks by Deborah Lipstadt at the 2011 Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature]

A number of years ago I agreed to teach a Jewish Studies course at Emory’s Candler School of Theology, a school which trains ministers for Methodist and AME churches.  The School tries to ensure that every student who graduates from the program will have the opportunity to take at least one course on a topic related to Jewish Studies before they graduate. Continue reading here.

4 responses to “Jewish Books: The Building Blocks of Jewish Life

  1. Thank you, thank you.
    Israel started, in the early years, by ignoring the story of the Holocaust. Recently, however, the Israelis went to the other extreme of thinking and teaching it extremely extensively, instilling in the new generation the Never Again idea but in the process promoting the VICTIM self image.
    Ofcourse, we should never forget. However, we should foster self confidence and self esteem that were always the engines of Jewish creativity in literature, science, medicine and more recently in defense and high-tech.
    What we do, NOT what they did to us! – a great idea and mantra.
    Eitan Gonen
    Author of From Jerusalem To Beverly Hills

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  3. Amen! We should also strive to write engaging, creative books for children that celebrate modern Jewish life with characters whose Jewishness is not a source of angst or embarrassment.

    Evelyn Krieger
    Author of One Is Not A Lonely Number
    2011 Sydney Taylor Award Finalist

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