One-Paragraph Novels

David Albahari is the Serbian-born Canadian author, most recently, of the novel Leeches. The book is a feat of magic, an existential philosophical novel that’s also funny and with enough mysteries to keep the reader guessing. It’s also one long paragraph — that’s right, a 300-page-long paragraph.  Here, Mr. Albahari explains the motive behind his madness.
There are several reasons why I write my novels in one long paragraph. First of all, I simply like it, I like when black words completely cover the whiteness of paper.  Continue reading here.


One response to “One-Paragraph Novels

  1. In days of readers prefering pictures over words, as these are, it is better to convey your ideas in the easier traditional way. Or, you will have the same kind of audience that listens to Modern music; a fractiion of one percent.
    Successful as David is, he could have a wider readership.
    Eitan Gonen.
    Author of From Jerusalem to Beverly Hills

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