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A Gay Jewish Reading List

Earlier this week, Wayne Hoffman wrote about a funny thing and shared the meaning behind the names of a few of his characters. 
When I was first coming out 25 years ago, there were precious few books about being gay and Jewish. Thankfully, that’s not the case today. There are enough to fill whole bookcases. But will anyone who isn’t gay read them? Continue reading here.

Book Cover of the Week: Eden

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

Yael Hedaya, a finalist for the Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature for her novel Accidents,  is a favorite here at the JBC.  Continue reading here.

What’s in a Name?

On Monday, Wayne Hoffman wrote about a funny thing.
When it comes to a novel, what’s in a name? There are often dozens of characters in a novel, and some of their names have stories behind them. Others, less than it might seem. Continue reading here.

A Funny Thing Happened — True Story!

Wayne Hoffman‘s most recent book, Sweet Like Sugar, is now available. Hoffman is  the deputy editor of Nextbook Press and will be blogging for the Jewish Book Council and MyJewishLearning‘s Author Blog all week.
My mother has always been a great storyteller: In recounting any anecdote, she knows exactly which details to leave out and which ones to exaggerate for maximum impact.  Continue reading here.


Posted by Alyssa Berlin
There are very few books that I have read more than once. Maus: A Survivor’s   Tale is one of the few that I have wanted to pick up again and again.  Continue reading here.