Reading with Soundtracks

Posted by Alyssa-Berlin

Obviously, since I work here, you can figure out that I am a huge bibliophile. But what you might not know is that my love for music rivals my love for literature. Continue reading here.


5 responses to “Reading with Soundtracks

  1. Love this post, Alyssa!

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  3. It’s a creative idea, but I’m with you – I’d rather read in peace and not try to process words and music at the same time! I like the idea of a playlist to listen to after I’m done reading, to extend the emotional experience of the book.

  4. I cannot read with any type of noise in the background at all, but I really enjoyed listening to and watching the video you posted. The idea is a good one. I will agree with Heidi, to extend the emotional experience of the book. Kathy B,

  5. Alyssa, This is a great idea and it reminds me of the fact that some books are now advertised by trailers (e.g. “Leviathan” by Scott Westerfeld that we’re currently reading for Novel & Nosh Society. Linking books and music is an extension of kind of thing that illustrators have always done in the past, namely linking art and literature. Brava!

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