My Culinary Journey

June Hersh is the author of The Kosher Carnivore: The Ultimate Meat and Poultry Book, available this week. She will be blogging all week for the Jewish Book Council and MyJewishLearning‘s Author Blog.
If you had told me on my 55th birthday that in the coming year I would have a cookbook published and a second one in the works I would have told you to promptly return your crystal ball to Amazon and ask for a full refund. Prior to that year I had many roles, foremost mother and wife, and secondarily as a teacher at the Solomon Schechter Day School, founder of Fancy Schmancy, a children’s clothing company, and resource coordinator for my family’s lighting business. But cookbook author was not on my resume. Continue reading here.


5 responses to “My Culinary Journey

  1. I forwarded this to my daughter in NYC. Here in Israel we can’t get lamb shanks–just chicken, chicken, chicken some beef and bakala. Such is the price of holiness. Best

  2. So happy you passed it on. If lamb shanks are not available to you try any good bone- in cuts like beef shin or osso bucco.

  3. Thrilled to be blogging on The Jewish Book Council site. Enjoy the read and please send me your feedback @junehersh

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