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Jewish literature is deep into a renaissance. Jewish books and Jewish authors are no longer ethnic tokens on a larger bookshelf, but are establishing themselves in their own right, from the critical success of The Yiddish Policemen’s Union to the already-canonical Everything Is Illuminated. Contemporary Jewish authors are telling new and exciting stories, earning praise from critics and readers — both among Jewish and general audiences — and breaking down the walls of what constitutes a “Jewish book.” Jewish Book Council would like to introduce you to some of these authors.

Every week, we bring you voices from the new Jewish literary scene. They are as diverse as the term itself: fiction and nonfiction, deathly funny and deathly serious, politics and music, poetry and pirates. Some writers have shared personal stories about writing their books. Others shared B-sides and DVD-style extras. Still others blog about their lives, or current events.

The only things that our guest bloggers have in common are that they all take the idea of Judaism in their own direction, and they all spark the dynamite of our imaginations. We hope you’ll agree with us.

View the latest Visiting Scribe posts here, browse by author below, or browse posts by category here.

Editor’s Note: The views expressed by Visiting Scribes are their own.

3 responses to “Visiting Scribe

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  2. Amy Rosenfield

    I noticed is that several of the sites listed in your blogroll are no longer active. Others have new addresses. It would be great if you were able to update this information, as the list itself is terrific. Thanks

  3. Well i know a great site…. I’m actually surprised you didnt already have it on you’r list…
    You should check it out

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