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Is Alexander Portnoy Bad for the Jews?

Posted by Naomi Firestone
Is Alexander Portnoy bad for the Jews? Continue reading here.

Funk Yeah, It’s Jewltide 7!

Posted by Naomi Firestone
Sick of the same old Christmas Eve routine… Chinese food and a movie? Continue reading here.

“‘New Jews’ stake claim to faith, culture”

Posted by Naomi Firestone

CNN looks at the “New Jews”…continue reading here.

Tamar Yellin on Jewcy

Posted Naomi Firestone
Our first Sami Rohr Prize winner, Tamar Yellin, author of The Genizah at the House of Shepher and Tales of the Ten Lost Tribes, blogs for Jewcy…continue reading here.

Jewcy on The Genius of Jewish Celebrities

Posted by Naomi Firestone
Emily Goldsher posts on Jewcy about NETWORK title…continue reading here.