Twitter Book Club: By Fire, By Water

Posted by Dani Crickman

Join the Jewish Book Council and author Mitchell James Kaplan in a discussion of the novel By Fire, By Water on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 12:30 pm- 1:10 pm! Continue reading here.

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  1. We’re in. By Fire By Water is Houston’s Community Read

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    Monroe S. Kuttner is an author and retired management
    consultant. He is the author of a historical novel currently available from Internet Booksellers and as an e-book. Information about the novel follows:

    The Rabbi King: David of Khazaria
    By Monroe S. Kuttner

    KHAZARIA: The final years of the Khazar Empire

    The history of the Turkic-Jewish Kingdom of Khazaria that existed from the eight to the twelfth centuries has been the subject of many books and articles. It is still creating controversy despite the fact that the DNA of Askkenazic (European) Jews clearly indicates Jewish-Hebrew origins. While history tells of the conversion of the Turkic Khazar tribe’s nobles from pagan beliefs to Judaism, it generally neglects to mention that the conversion created waves of Jewish immigration to Khazaria over the 400 years of it’s existence as an independent nation in southern Russia and the Caucasus. The converts intermarried with the Jewish immigrants from Persia, Byzantium and North Africa (including what is now Palestine) until the source of an individual’s Judaism was no longer apparent.
    Little has been written about what happened to the Khazar Empire and its citizens after the defeat by the Rus (Russians) by 1016, until its final extinction by the Mongol Hoards in the 12th century. One such book, while written as a historical novel, places a remnant of Khazaria, of which there is no documentation, into the known history of the Middle East and Russia in the 12th century.
    The book, “The Rabbi King: David of Khazaria”, by Monroe S. Kuttner, written in English but twice published in a Turkish translation with different titles, paints a picture of a Khazar Prince who is educated in the home of Maimonides, the famous Spanish-Jewish philosopher and physician. He then returns to Khazaria to rule a nation that is barbaric in comparison and still partly pagan. After Khazaria is conquered by another Turkic tribe, he travels most of the Middle East to find a way to free his nation once more and to retain its Jewish faith. He becomes interwoven into the history of many nations.
    Much research has gone into depicting the world of the 12th century, but it is the characters the author has created that bring into perspective how Jews played important roles at that time, whether of Khazarian origin or not.
    “The Rabbi King: David of Khazaria” was favorably reviewed in the “Jerusalem Post” and “The Historical Novels Review. Copies are on the shelves of a number of universities in the U.S. and Turkey. It is currently available in print from Amazon, Tower, and other internet booksellers. It is also available in ebook format from those sources and others, including Scrib’d. The Turkish versions can also be purchased on the Internet from various Turkish booksellers.

    Publishers or agents interested in republication or translations to other languages can contact the author at: the_rabbi_king
    Google “Monroe S. Kuttner” for additional information about the book and the author.

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