Book Giveaway

Posted by Dani Crickman

We’re giving away copies of The Eichmann Trial by Deborah Lipstadt for our upcoming Twitter Book Club! Continue reading here.

One response to “Book Giveaway

  1. I heard Lipstadt’s interview with Charlie Rose on her book “The Eichmann Trial.” Important! She said the Israeli government was going to let Eichmann die in obscurity. Ben Gurion, in a moment of genius, decided to put him on trial for the world to see because the Nuremberg Trial did not create a lasting memory. He said the Eichmann trial will provide individual eye-witness accounts from former prisoners.

    In the documentary of Eichmann’s trial, the impact of the Israeli audience on first seeing Eichmann was audible. They were shocked to see a rat-like little man in a witness booth protected by glass walls; they could not believe that he was the size and shape of an ordinary man like any other man.

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